Next week I am fortunate enough to photograph a family of four. The family consists of mom, dad, six month old daughter and dog-child. In preparing for a shoot, I scout the location (that will be in a post later this week). I try to go at the time we plan to shoot and determine the best locations for shots and where the sun is just perfectly coming through the trees or shining on the grass, etc.

Before I scout a location and even more important than that, is to determine some ideas for the shoot. Most moms will have some specific shots in mind and that’s great, but it’s always a good idea to come with a few of your own creative ideas. After seeing the location, ideas will come but most of the time, I find myself in the same place you do – Pinterest!

A moment to be honest, please – there’s a line between cheesy/ corny posed photos and real life photos. I think there is a place for both. However, I prefer most of my images to be “how did you catch that?” vs. “how did you make her sit like that?” My favorite motto with interior design is that home is not perfection, it’s comfortable. I think the same is true with photography. It’s not perfection; it’s real. It’s beautiful in its imperfections. Okay, back to the upcoming photo shoot…

This photo shoot is a photo announcement + Thanksgiving card so playing up the fall season will be great. Immediately I think pumpkins, leaves, blankets, scarves, etc. I always take note of my ideas and take them with me to scout the location and then on photo shoot day, complete with the gear needed for the shots. We may not get to all of the shot ideas, but by keeping everyone moving and having less down time, you’ll see less nerves.

I am in love with these photos! They are so natural and real looking. I hope I can get some great close ups like these.

Pheobe003FB Pheobe007FB Pheobe020FB Pheobe026FB Pheobe029FB Mollie021FB Mollie025FB Mollie027FB

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful!!

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