While the counter height stool is gaining in popularity, they aren’t as common as their cohort, the bar stool. I happen to love a counter stool because it allows you a single larger slab of counter vs breaking up the surface and your line of sight with a raised bar. They are great for kids too because who wants to climb up to a bar stool, when you can easily sit on a counter stool?

Counter stool vs. bar stool height:
Counter height is 36 inches high so stools are limited to 24-26 inches high at the seat
Bar height is 42 inches so bar stools are around 30 inches high at the seat

Examples of counter stools:

Examples of bar stools:

This brings us to my friend’s search for the perfect counter stool. Currently, she sits on a counter stool at work – a hard wooden one with a (now flattened!) Target cushion.
She enlisted my help in finding her a new counter stool. Through searching, I have become very disappointed in the limited inventory of reasonably priced counter stools. A custom counter stool? No problem! But, a single chair runs upward of $500. And bar stools come in a limitless number of styles, fabrics, and many can be found at reasonable prices!

For this particular search, we are looking for a reasonably priced  (up to $150), comfortable counter stool that will complement the decor her office. Is her office a kitchen? (;


Here are some options I considered. Which is your favorite?
The Provence Counter Stool – $135
beautiful – yes
durable – fabric is light colored so may wear (blue jean friday all over it!)
reasonably priced – yes
comfortable – in the seat but no back cushion
fits current style of space – no
The Branson Counter Stool – $70
beautiful – eh, clean lines but the color is not right
durable – yes
reasonably priced – very much so
comfortable – may be a little stiff in the beginning but “leather” only gets better with time
fits current style of space – leather is classic but the color of the wood and “leather” will not complement the other chairs
The Kenton Counter Stool – $165
beautiful – yes
durable – fabric seems a little light
reasonably priced – on the high end of the budget
comfortable – the seat looks pretty comfortable but the back has no cushion
fits current style of space – it does have the same feel as the other chairs but the cris-cross back will compete with the straight backs of the other chairs
The Corey Counter Stool – $85
beautiful – yes
durable – fabric seems a little light but it is microfiber so easy to wash
reasonably priced – yes
comfortable – looks very comfortable
fits current style of space – yes


The winner?


The Corey Counter Stool! It is a perfect mix of form and function for my friend’s office. It’s on order for her and I will update the post with a “happy camper” picture when it’s in!


If you have any questions regarding this post or need help at your own home (or workplace), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. The Corey Counter Stool is my favorite!

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