Decorating your home for the holidays does not have to be as stressful as getting your mother-in-law’s pecan pie recipe right! Here are a few easy and quick tips for sprucing up your house without breaking the bank!


For Halloween, use drink containers to create a scary lit path or decorations for your house. See craft here.

photo originally from Family Fun magazine


For  Thanksgiving, the use of craft paper is very trendy right now (& classic too in my opinion). Use it as a tablecloth or as a runner on your table.

courtesy evette rios

courtesy evette rios









For Christmas:

  1. “Christmas” fern leaves are particularly Christmasy when bunched together with a red ribbon. Display them on tables or around food platters.
  2. Grayed and weathered sticks of varying sizes can be wrapped with twinkling lights and put into a vase or basket you already have.
  3. Decorate with food – cranberries in a hurricane, candle holder, or glass vase can make an easy and practical decoration.
  4. Instead of an expensive tree skirt, use an inexpensive red tablecloth to drape around your tree. You can reuse it throughout the year, especially 4th of July and Memorial Day!
  5. Making your own wreath from scratch can be time consuming – buy an inexpensive pre-made wreath from Hobby Lobby or Target and spruce it up with battery powered twinkling lights, glue extra leaves from your yard to give it some extra fluff, and add a few ornaments from your tree. Weave a festive bow throughout and you have a very expensive looking wreath for very little money.

We hope you enjoy these quick and easy ideas to create a special environment in your home this upcoming holiday season. More holiday posts to come. If you would like help decorating your house for the holidays, we have holiday room and house decorating specials. $40 per room or $250 for your house. We will make the most of what you already have!


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  1. What great ideas! Thanks!

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